About Us


KKS a pioneer co-educational institution was established in 2036 BS with the combine collaboration of professionals. Aiming to provide productive life-skill oriented and quality education. KKS served for years at the heart of Kalimati Kathmandu, Because of devasting earthquake, it started services and regular programs form Mayalbari Teku one another prime location. From the beginning days of establishment, priority to positive and progressive change, production of capable manpower, quality education as per the world scenario, etc. are the baseline to make it’s slogan “Knowledge & Wisdom” practical.
After it’s tireless endeavor of three dozen plus years in education, KKS expanded it journey of education with +2 Management from 2073 BS. The subjects available in 10+2 are not only practical based, but also deserve student’s first priority at large. In line with it’s, KKS has proposed remaining other faculties too. In consecutive years all streams come into operation as per the demand of parents and students.
KKS is running it’s academic, extracurricular activities in guardianship of highly professionals, subject experts and well experienced Board Members and dedicated team, with perfect leadership of faculties, activities are being carried out. KKS believes in mutual co-operation, understanding and group work for intended result and doing accordingly.
Recently, many changes have brought out in it’s management as per the demand of time. Aiming to continue the positive practices and replace the demerits, newly hired team has started it’s works for academic, extra-curricular along with structural change of the school.
This is the very beginning and root or the base for formal education. KKS is conscious enough to cultivate those plants accordingly in collaboration with highly professionals, trained, experienced teachers so that they can tackle the challenges to be complete human beings in the future. KKS is boosting up the teachers, offering trainings, regular counselling for the child friendly learning environment and study of child psychology. We do believe in learning by doing, kindergarten and Montessori based teaching learning. And the main motto is doing accordingly, modifying techniques, methods and strategies on the days to come. Frequent interaction with the parents and getting amples of information about students regarding their behavior, peer-group at home and trying to improve accordingly are the regular tasks. KKS is trying to find out every aspects that can be the hind less of academic achievement and personal development. Because of multi background, there are so many obstacles to let the student learn, adjust and achieve intended goals. Through, with the help of professional teachers, dedicated staffs and cooperative parents, we are being able to provide homely environment for quality education and positive attitude and behavior. Dedicated staffs along with the administrative personnels are assisting to boost up curricular and Extra-curricular activities. For all around development of all the learners, KKS has managed extra-curricular activities like Music Dance, Drawing and different sports with the help of related professionals.
Student centered teaching learning methods and techniques are regular practice and newly introduced techniques are being used to assist learners for their excellent academic career.
We are committed to provide quality education using latest, innovative methodologies of teaching and learning understanding the psychology of growing age children. Our aim is to boost up every individuals accordingly so that the intended goal of curriculum according to different level can be achieved. Psychological treatment and dealing with subject matter is prioritized.
For better academic excellence, academic and extra-curricular activities, KKS is adding physical infrastructures restructure in management and physical structure is under construction. Novice team of academicians and devotees with high experience has started working along with management with mutual co-operation and understanding.