Radhika Gautam


The Center for Motivation and Inspiration

Education is the foundation of personal and professional career only education can play vital role for progress, plan and development of moral character. Education with moral clues and culture can bring the positive and progressive change in every individual/ being an educational institution, Kumudini Kunj (KKS) acknowledges the value of quality education. We are committed for the full growth of student’s personality with our prevailing social needs and phenomena.
Established in 2036 BS, KKS is recognized as one of the long-lived boarding schools in Nepal. With the passage of time naturally the school experienced a number of challenges in different phases in terms of its managerial structure and also in teaching learning environment. Now a new team of professional from diverse discipline of formal education and governance assured its management with the goal of transforming it into a center of modern ideal education.
It is a matter of great satisfaction for us to state that KKS is marching ahead every year from strength to strength towards achieving its vision of transforming it into a hub of academic excellence. During the recently passed year’s lot of modifications were carried out in its physical condition along with teaching learning tools including strategies, aiming at making its student intellectually sound and physically fit. KKS offers a wide range of facilities within and beyond the prescribed curriculum that includes prominently a well-furnished library and different outdoor games. As a result of all those measures taken by the school overall performance of students has significantly enhanced in the result of SEE examinations and other extra-curricular activities as well. We suffered through diverse challenges and calamities instead we are hopeful enough diverse to speed up the academic journey toward Excellency. The Long-term goal of KKS to become a center of academic excellence would not be accomplished without supports and participation in all sorts of initiations launched in this direction. Consequently, it has become increasingly one of the major tasks of the school management to conduct partnership between school and parents.
We always encourage all parents in frequently visiting the school and interacting with subject teachers and administration. We hope that such participation would increases better progress on the days to come. Such collaboration really will help to make complete individuals.